Why do we exist?


TetonX was born at the base of the Teton Mountains in Wyoming. TetonX Adventure Trailers manufactures a wide range of adventure and off-road cargo trailers as well as supply our clients with proven gear for overlanding and remote camping. Our company was born from necessity in the Rocky Mountains. Our adventures have taken us beyond the limit of traditional campers. We set forth a goal to build a line of camping equipment that would surpass the limits of our exploration and still be affordable to all. We feel the TetonX trailers we build reach that goal.

Where do we camp?


With a strong enthusiasm for the outdoors and exploration, we choose to camp higher on the route and past the trail head. Our trailers allow for comfort even in the most remote location. Click below to see coordinates for some of our favorite camp sites...

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Backcountry Vistas


We set out to explore our surroundings whenever we get the chance. You can spot us enjoying everything from backcountry of the Rockies to the solitude of the desert. Click below to see some of our recent explorations...

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